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Acoustics & Av Solutions
We have prepared sound system designs for theaters, auditoriums, convention centers, road house venues, meeting facilities, hotels, bars , malls and clubs Our design process is the same for all sound system applications.

  • Evaluate the needs of the users or owner.
  • Evaluate the acoustical environment the system will operate in.
  • Select equipment based on the verifiable performance and suitability for the application.
  • Optimize the design for cost effectiveness, and write a specification that protects the client's interests by clearly defining the requirements for the completed system.
We have no affiliation with any product manufacturer or vendor so we are free to choose products on the basis of performance and features. This allows us to design systems that "cherry pick" the best components from all manufacturer's lines. The use of computer modelling in speaker system design allows us to evaluate a number of products from various manufacturers for each application, and determine which ones can deliver the best performance for the application.
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